Saturday, October 5, 2013

MV Logos HOPE - The Largest Floating Book Stall of World

Inside the Ship Book Stall
One afternoon my mother came from office and  told us ‘‘we are going to see a ship!!’’ It was my dream to go to a ship. I and my Sibling became so excited on hearing this. She told us world’s largest floating book stall cum library, MV Logos Hope is harbored at sultan Quaboos Port of Muttrah , Oman .  

With My Sister Amina
So, we are going to see it!! I was eagerly waiting to become Friday afternoon. We reached at the big Parking space in front of port office. Ship crew members welcomed us and helped us to find a parking slot. They directed us to the place where tickets are sold. The ticket costs just 300 Bz and it was free for children under sixteen years. So only my parents took ticket and  we, children   had a free entry to the ship! 

There was a shuttle bus service to the ship was arranged for the visitors. In the yard of port I saw a lot of big cargo containers. We reached near MV Logos Hope and happily board in the ship. One of the Crew members welcomed us to the ship . She showed us a video and gave some information about the ship and sailing. The captain of the ship is Mr. Tom Dyer from USA.
 We entered to the big hall of Book stall. There were many exciting books. I felt like buying almost all books, because they were so interesting. Many people were there .There was books about, Gardening, Cooking, Animals, Fictions, and Classics etc. We also bought some of them. I owned Dinosaurs, Brain Games; Anne frank’s Diary, Mother Teresa, and Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn and a spelling book for my sister Amina and a coloring book for my brother Armaan.  Then we went through a passage called Journey of life. I couldn’t understand anything, but so many people were taking photos from there. So I think that is a place to take photos. 

A big South African Flute!
After that we went to the down stairs of the ship. We were told there is symphony. The entrance passage was hanged with the flags of different countries like USA, Africa, Australia, China and some European Countries.  It was a wonderful entertaining area. There were real things from different countries. The Crew was dressed up traditional and entertained the public. I saw there some rare musical instruments which I have never seen or heard. A big horn from china, A flute and drum from Africa, Boomerang of Australia and lot other things. We took so many photos from there.

Me and My Mother With Reina fromSouth Korea

  I saw a café also in Ship! Ships also have cafes!! That was interesting information for me!  There was small round glass window near the café. I looked through that I saw the blue sea outside and some other ships harbored in the port.

It was time to exit. I was having a very bad ahead ache also. As my science teacher says the amount of carbon dioxide may increased in atmosphere due to people’s breathing and it was crowded place and closed. But that didn’t let my enthusiasm down. 

My Family In front of MV Logos
Dad's Trial on Big Blow Horn
My Parents told me , I have been to the same ship when I was an infant, But I don’t remember that, So it is not counted to me. This was my first visit to a ship! My mind was still saying to stay there some more time. We came out from MV Logos Hope with Bunch of Books with a hope to read. It was a marvelous experience for me in MV Logos Hope, My first Ship.

The Flag Passage

Written By 

Anaan Noor. S
4th Standard
Indian School Al Mabela
Sultanate of Oman.

Captain Armaan